What is PTSD Counselling?

PTSD counselling aims to help you overcome stresses from past life experiences. Instead of bottling your emotions, PTSD counselling allows you to talk with our therapists about your feelings to reduce symptoms of PTSD over time.

How does PTSD Counselling work?

PTSD counselling has many different approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy and prolonged exposure therapy. Cognitive therapy helps you better understand the causes of traumatic events and aims to alleviate feelings of self blame.

Prolonged exposure therapy focuses on reducing the fear associated with the memory of a traumatic event and desensitizing yourself from the feelings of fear associated with the experience. It may be hard at first but the more times individuals openly speak about their experience, the more they become desensitized to it.

Who can PTSD Counselling benefit?

Anyone having trouble talking about their past experiences should talk to our counsellors instead of bottling up their emotions. Over time, speaking with a PTSD counsellor can help lessen the effects of PTSD and benefit those suffering from its symptoms. At our Vancouver therapy office, we can help you overcome past negative experiences and discover new ways to cope with symptoms of PTSD.

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