What is Parenting Counselling?

Parenting counselling can be described as “help with your child.” Parenting counsellors will provide you with guidance and mental support you’ll need in order to provide a stable and healthy childhood experience for your children. Our counsellors will give you the tools and techniques needed to develop the skills you need to be parents.

Parenting counselling can be either for a short-term or long-term. It can include just one parent, both parents, or the whole family. Everyone’s situation is different, and each treatment plan is specific to the situation. Counselling sessions at Shoreline Counselling will provide you with the support you need to be the best parent for your child. If a problem has been caused by family trauma, or developmental, physical, or mental health problems related to your child, it’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible.

People tend to assume that parenting comes naturally, when in most cases it does not. Parenting counselling is meant to help you figure out how you can be the best parent you can be for your child.

How does Parenting Counselling work?

During your initial parenting counselling session, your counsellor will spend time getting to know you and your family situation. They will ask why you decided to seek counselling and the goals you wish to achieve through counselling. These discussions will help you set realistic counselling goals to start working towards.

Subsequent parenting counselling sessions will focus on working towards achieving your goals and improving your conflict-resolution skills. Your counsellor will work with you to determine what the best strategy is for your family situation.

Parenting counsellors have a wide range of tools and techniques they can use to ensure that you will learn the skills needed to become a successful parent.

Who can Parenting Counselling benefit in Vancouver

Parenting counselling can be beneficial to all parents. However, it is more of a necessity for parents that are:

Dealing with challenging behavior

Suffering from mental health issues

Experiencing marital issues

Abusing illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol

Undergoing separation or divorce

Coping with loss

Experiencing abuse or aggression

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