Stephanie Davis, MEd, RCC
Stephanie Davis, MEd, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor & Certified Organizational Coach

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

I spend a lot of time thinking about change. What inspires people to make changes in their lives? What stands in their way? How do we know when it is time for change? How do we as a society value and make meaning from the changes happening all around us? How does an ever-changing world both open and limit possibilities?

My practice is an integration of my clinical and coaching training and experience.

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Arianna Dotan, M.A, RCC
Arianna Dotan, M.A, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

I am motivated to understand and relate to people from all walks of life. I welcome individual, couples, as well as family counselling as I seek to support all of my clients in their journey of self-reflection and healing through fostering a non-judgemental therapeutic relationship while incorporating empathy, genuineness, reliability, and unconditional positive regard. I have been working in the mental health field since 2014 and volunteered for many years with CHIMO Crisis Line where I had to…

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Anet Benardete, MA, RCC
Anet Benardete, MA, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Vancouver location

Anet Benardete, MA, RCC is a registered clinical counsellor with an extensive background as a youth and adult psychotherapist. She is a member with good standing in the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). She holds a Masters in Psychotherapy from the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association and has completed in Canada her post-graduate training in trauma-focused treatments including MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction), DBT (Dialectical behavioral therapy), expressive and somatic therapies.

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Brittany Hoffmann, MA, RCC
Brittany Hoffmann, MA, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Online only

Counselling can be a life changing process, one that some of us put off for many years. Whether counselling is something that has been on your mind for a while, or it is a crisis situation that brings you in, I look forward to meeting you and walking with you on your journey. At this time I am working exclusively online.

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Alexandra Torrie, M.Ed, CCC, RCC
Alexandra Torrie, M.Ed, CCC, RCCCanadian Certified Counsellor

Online only

I have always enjoyed connecting with and learning from others. This has driven my passion for mental health support for many years. Prior to completing my degree, I frequently sought out work and volunteer positions that involved supporting others. During all of these experiences I was honoured to hear about and witness the strength and resilience of others and support someone in part of their life journey. This path eventually led me to do my Master of Education in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Toronto.

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Maggie Thompson, MCP, RCC, CCC
Maggie Thompson, MCP, RCC, CCCRegistered Clinical Counsellors

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

My Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology undergraduate studies has immensely informed my approach to counselling. I often get asked, why the switch from physical to mental health? The truth is that I do not believe I ever really switched as much as I expanded. I consider the approach to both domains very similar and incredibly compatible. As a former exercise practitioner, I was deeply oriented to people’s experience first and and attuning to what allowed them to feel safe to move their body.

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Daniel Munns, MA, RCC
Daniel Munns, MA, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellors

Vancouver and Fort Langley location

I have spent the last twenty years working on understanding and providing wellbeing through the interconnected healing modalities in counselling, mindfulness, yoga and somatic therapies. My pursuit of the truth of holistic healing started in yoga and breath work, leading me to living and working in Asia, studying the effects of meditation and body awareness on the mind.

I found that movement based therapy can work alongside Western medicine as I became qualified in providing yoga therapy specifically for cancer patients, where the focus was to help create a better quality of life and the alleviation of chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other challenges.

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Karen Okun, MC Student
Karen Okun, MC StudentClinical Intern

Vancouver location

Human suffering, whether universal or individual, benefits from a unified approach to mending.
Unique in your own right, yet not alone, let’s explore together how you can reset and regain what seems lost and uncertain at this time.

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Millie Batta, M.Ed., RCC
Millie Batta, M.Ed., RCCClinical Fellow

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

Hello! My name is Millie Batta (she/her) and I am a clinical fellow at Shoreline Counselling. Going to counselling is much like taking a road trip. You are the driver and I am the passenger in the front seat. As the passenger, I provide directions and help you navigate life’s challenges, but ultimately you are behind the wheel and decide the road we take. It would be an honour to be able to support you on this journey to growth and healing.

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