What is Marriage & Couples Counselling?

Marriage counselling, also commonly called couples counselling, is a unique form of psychotherapy between a couple and their Vancouver couples counsellor. Marriage counselling helps couples, whether they are married or not, learn how to recognize and resolve their conflicts in order to improve their relationship. Through couples counselling in Vancouver, couples learn how to make carefully thought out decisions on how they can begin rebuilding and strengthening their relationship as they make other necessary changes in their relationship.

Couples counsellors at Shoreline Counselling are specially trained in assisting couples talk through their problems and work towards developing solutions to any problem that can arise in relationships. A skilled couples counsellor can make both partners feel safe and comfortable in the therapy room, without taking either party’s side. Our clinical counsellors will work with you in order to create an environment where both you and your partner feel comfortable enough to speak openly where you can understand the other person’s point of view without getting upset. With the help of our Vancouver couples counsellors, you will find common ground between you and your partner with the goal of ending up in a more positive position to move forward together in your relationship.

How Does Marriage & Couples Counselling In Vancouver Work?

Marriage and couples counselling usually brings romantic couples together for joint counselling sessions at our Vancouver office. Your counsellor will help couples pinpoint and better understand the sources of their conflicts and help them find a resolution.Through couples counselling at our Vancouver office, the couple will develop new skills to help solidify their relationship. These skills may include communicating openly with each other, solving problems together, discussing their differences, and gaining better clarity on how conflict patterns can and have emerged in their relationship.

It may not be easy to openly discuss your problems during your first few counselling sessions at our Vancouver counselling office. In the case that sessions pass in silence as you and your partner reflect over your problems or the couple argues throughout your sessions, our counsellors will be able to help in either situation. Our counsellors will help you both cope with the emotions that arrive during couples counselling at our Vancouver counselling office.

You may find your relationship improving after just a few Vancouver couples counselling sessions. On the other hand, you may also discover that you’re incompatible and that it’s best to end your relationship.

If your partner refuses to attend couples counselling sessions, you can go by yourself. It may be more difficult to repair your relationship when only one partner is willing to go to couples counselling in Vancouver, but you can still benefit by learning new ways to handle your emotions, reactions, and behaviors in your relationship.

Who Does Marriage & Couples Counselling Help? 

Vancouver couples counselling is able to help couples in all different types of intimate relationships regardless of sexual orientation or marital status improve their relationship.

Some couples start couples counselling in order to strengthen their bond and develop a better understanding of one another. Couples counselling in Vancouver also helps couples who plan on getting married. Premarital couples counselling can help partners gain a deeper understanding of each other while ironing out any differences they have before getting married.

The typical issues couples counselling can help you and your partner come to terms with are:

Substance abuse

Communication problems


Conflicts about child rearing or blended families

Sexual difficulties


Distress in any relationship can create feelings of stress, tension, sadness, worry, fear, and other problems that can persist long into the future. Some people hope that their relationship problems will go away on their own, but if left unchecked, a bad relationship may eventually create physical or psychological problems for one or both parties. A toxic relationship is also able to create problems at your workplace and affect other friends or family members. The quicker that relationship issues are dealt with, the sooner a couple can begin seeing through each other’s eyes.

We understand that the first thoughts about joining couples counselling in Vancouver can be nervewracking. Our counsellors will do their best to get to know the unique circumstances of your relationship and work with you to develop a plan to improve your emotional connectedness with one another. If you’ve been looking to attend sessions for couples counseling in Vancouver, give us a call

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