What is Life Transition Counselling?

Change is a part of life that is constant and is unavoidable. Most people have experienced some kind of significant change in their lives. This can be a positive change like starting a new job or a negative change like losing a job or a loved one. Many people can transition smoothly, some might feel like their world has been turned upside down with nothing to look forward to. During these times a person may experience feelings of emotional discomfort, mourning, or fear. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and even depressed with their current life situation. Counselling can allow you to learn healthy coping techniques for life transitioning and can be extremely beneficial to a person’s mental health.

At Shoreline Counselling, your counsellor will be able to help you process major life changes. Through individual or group counselling sessions at Shoreline Counselling, you will learn effective techniques that you can use to cope with change and adjust your mindset through any transition.

How does Life Transition Counselling work?

Life transition counselling aims to help clients get through emotionally taxing life changes using healthy and effective coping techniques. Below are a few of these techniques and goals therapists often utilize in order to help patients feel prepared for future life transitions.

• Engage in social interaction and support

• Stress management

• Identify and express feelings

• Remain connected to the benefits and necessity of change

• Accept change is a part of life

• Maintain a healthy routine 

• Reframe thoughts

• Have realistic expectations

• Appreciate the benefits of change

Who can Life Transition Counselling benefit?

We are all constantly going through changes in our lives, and these changes can often be overwhelming. Nearly everyone can benefit from life transition counselling. Below is a list of life changes that can be difficult transitions that individual or group counselling can you navitage more smoothly:

• Social/ Political changes

• Health problems

• Divorce/Breakups


• Job changes

• Disabling accidents/tragedy

• Birth


• Moving

• Travel

The difficulty of life transitions can vary based on many factors. Treatment can also vary due to an individual’s experiences. What might seem like a big transition for one person to someone else might be part of their daily routine. These transitions can be positive, negative, planned, or unexpected. No matter the transition, they can have a strong effect on your emotional state. If you are going through a major change in your life, consider talking to our counsellors at Shoreline Counselling to help yourself through any life transition!

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