What is Anxiety Counselling?

Vancouver Anxiety counselling helps individuals suffering from various levels of anxiety learn healthier and more effective methods of coping with their anxiety. We will help address the root cause of a person’s anxiety, along with the possible triggers that produce an anxiety attack. Events or environments that require constant stimulation and involvement are more prone to causing anxiety attacks. Supporting the nervous system by teaching it how to regulate feelings of stress and anxiety can create change from the bottom up, meaning from the roots of the anxiety in such a way that anxiety symptoms reduce and resolve.

Through anxiety counselling at our Vancouver office, patients will learn to understand how their thoughts, emotions and past experiences contribute to anxiety attacks. By addressing and changing these patterns, patients can reduce the likelihood and intensity of their anxiety symptoms.

At Shoreline Counselling, patients will learn new techniques to help reduce negative behaviors associated with anxiety disorders. Patients may be encouraged to participate in activities and situations that provoke feelings of anxiety (ie. public speaking) in order to reduce feelings of fear associated with these situations or environments.

How does Anxiety Counselling In Vancouver Work?

Your counsellor will teach you new ways to cope with anxiety and you can expect to practice your new skills outside of sessions to help you better manage feelings of anxiety in uncomfortable situations. However, anxiety counselling won’t push you into these stressful scenarios until your counsellor is sure you have the skills you need to effectively confront your fears.

Your counsellor may encourage additional forms of therapy to better address your concerns and anxieties. Group psychotherapy, which typically involves several people with anxiety disorders, can be effective for treating anxiety and providing patients with the support they need. Family psychotherapy appointments can help a patient’s family members understand their loved one’s anxiety, and help the family learn ways to avoid anxiety triggers. Family counselling is proven to be helpful for children and adolescents suffering from anxiety disorders.

A counsellor will help patients identify problematic patterns of coping with anxiety and assist them in building new skills and patterns while providing education about how your brain and nervous system work together to combat feelings of anxiety.

Who Can Anxiety Counselling In Vancouver benefit?

Everyone eventually worries or feels nervous about something. Anxiety is a perfectly normal human reaction to all kinds of stressful situations. But for individuals suffering from anxiety disorders, those fears and worries aren’t temporary. Their anxiety persists, and in some cases can even get worse as time passes.

Anxiety disorders can severely impact a person’s ability to efficiently function at home, work, school, or social settings. Anxiety can also interfere with a person’s ability to form and strengthen relationships with friends and family members. There are proven and effective treatments for anxiety. If you or someone you know is experiencing anxiety that is interfering with aspects of your everyday life or preventing you from doing what you enjoy, scheduling anxiety counselling in Vancouver can be extremely beneficial.

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