We have made efforts to capture Shoreline Counselling’s three pillars, transparency, authenticity and community, in the design of our Vancouver office.  

The windows throughout the office remind us of the importance of transparency, and the ways we endeavour to be transparent in our administrative and clinical practices, and in our relationships with one another.  Everyone who enters Shoreline Counselling is informed about the entire treatment process, and given the space to consent to each step along the way.

Authenticity begins in the work we do as a staff to stay connected with one another, and with our own growth processes.  This authenticity extends into both our administrative and clinical realms and serves to steady and ground the many change processes unfolding in our space.

We’ve made particular design choices to ensure there is a large enough space in our office to host seminars, staff meetings, group counselling and other opportunities that serve to bring us together.  Communities are formed by recognizing we have more in common with each other than we realize. Shoreline Counselling has created a space for the community to connect and undo the collective aloneness.


Located at 470-555 West 12th Avenue in Vancouver, Shoreline Counselling embodies the natural beauty, vitality, and atmosphere of Vancouver’s coast. The city of Vancouver is always changing and we are ready to help you move forward with the change you are looking for.

We recognize that the first step may be the toughest and coming to counselling can create anxiety for many people. We have worked to cultivate a balance of clinical expertise in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that we believe will offer some ease and comfort the moment you step into our office.